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Organic Sweet Potato Baby Food (4+ mos)

3 oz
$0.73 / oz
Organic Sweet Potato Baby Food (4+ mos)

Product Details

These Stage 1 (4+ months) baby food pouches contain JUST® Veggies. 100% organic sweet potatoes have been puréed into a nutritious and easy to digest meal for your growing little foodie. Conveniently packaged in a resealable pouch for flexible portioning and nourishing feeding on-the-go.

Ingredients: organic sweet potatoes, water.

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Plum Organics
Emeryville, CA
Plum Organics was founded by a group of parents committed to creating a superior yet accessible baby food alternative. Using identifiable whole organic ingredients, Plum Organics believes that simpler is better, and that the best way to inspire a lifetime of healthy eating is to provide our little ones with the very best from the first bite. Incorporating nutrient-dense and culinary-inspired ingredients, their complete and nourishing blends of all organic fruits, veggies, and grains—as well as yummy snacks for all ages—represent a modern approach to whole family nutrition.Read more