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Organic Squash, Carrot & Chickpea Baby Food (6+ mos)

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Organic Squash, Carrot & Chickpea Baby Food (6+ mos)

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These Stage 2 (6+ months) baby food pouches offer a hearty combination of 100% whole veggies and beans in a nutritious, easy to digest, purée for your growing little foodie. Protein-packed chickpeas are blended with butternut squash and carrots in these resealable pouches that allow for flexible portioning. As with all of Plum Organics products no sugar, fillers, or preservatives have been added to this blend—just convenient and simple nourishment you can feel good about feeding your little one.

Ingredients: water, organic butternut squash puree, organic carrot puree, organic chickpea puree, organic corn puree, organic milled oats.

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Plum Organics
Emeryville, CA
Plum Organics was founded by a group of parents committed to creating a superior yet accessible baby food alternative. Using identifiable whole organic ingredients, Plum Organics believes that simpler is better, and that the best way to inspire a lifetime of healthy eating is to provide our little ones with the very best from the first bite. Incorporating nutrient-dense and culinary-inspired ingredients, their complete and nourishing blends of all organic fruits, veggies, and grains—as well as yummy snacks for all ages—represent a modern approach to whole family nutrition.Read more