Baby Spinach

4.5 oz
$1.33 / oz
Baby Spinach

Product Details

One 4.5 oz container

Plenty’s Curly Baby Spinach is a semi-savoy (suh-voy) spinach that gives it amazing texture to be enjoyed raw or cooked. Clean, sweet, and nutty in flavor, this spinach provides a crunchy and juicy addition to any dish.

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About The Producer

Compton, CA
Plenty is on a mission to bring fresh, high quality produce to people everywhere. They grow pesticide-free, non-GMO leafy greens out of their flagship indoor vertical farm in Compton, California. By growing vertically, they do more with less. Their farms use a fraction of the water and land to grow up to 350X more produce per acre than conventional farms. Their innovative farm technology enables them to grow incredible greens without spraying pesticides, so you’re eating delicious greens, not chemicals. Read more