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Organic Alma de la Tierra Ground Coffee

10.5 oz
$24.67 / lb
Organic Alma de la Tierra Ground Coffee

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10.5 oz ground coffee
Alma De La Tierra ("Soul of the Earth") Ground Coffee is named to honor the organic farmers who grow the coffee beans. Peet's sources coffee for this blend from high-elevation coffee farms from Guatemala to Colombia, where superior terroir and growing practiced honed over generations create some of the best beans in the world. The organic farmers who partner with Peet's are committed to preserving the beauty and richness of the land that is both their home and livelihood. Alma de la Tierra is a medium-bodied coffee, with subtle notes of citrus and bittersweet chocolate—and it's ground for you, to save a little time when you need it most.

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Peet's Coffee
Alameda, CA
Sourcing high-quality coffees, Peet's utilizes direct farmer trade, farmer assistance programs, certified fair trade, and certified organic coffees to provide a great experience for their customers and for the farmers whose coffee they roast.Read more