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Peet's Coffee

Decaf Major Dickason's Blend Ground Coffee

10.5 oz
$23.45 / lb
Decaf Major Dickason's Blend Ground Coffee

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10.5 oz ground coffee
Decaf Major Dickason's Blend Ground Coffee is named after a loyal customer of the original Berkeley Peet's cafe, who brought his idea for a rich, dark-roast coffee to Alfred Peet in the year 1969. They worked together to refine the concept, sampling countless blends and roasts before they landed on the final blend: a rich, smooth and complex coffee, with a full body and a multi-layered character. This classic roast, a favorite of Peet's loyalists, is a great way to start the day (and it's ground, to save you a few crucial minutes on your morning routine). For their decaf roast, Peet's uses the exact same beans as the regular, but with zero caffeine—it might just be the most flavorful decaf you've ever had.

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Peet's Coffee
Alameda, CA
Sourcing high-quality coffees, Peet's utilizes direct farmer trade, farmer assistance programs, certified fair trade, and certified organic coffees to provide a great experience for their customers and for the farmers whose coffee they roast.Read more