Peet's Coffee

Decaf French Roast Ground Coffee

10.5 oz
$22.84 / lb

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Decaf French Roast Ground Coffee

Product Details

10.5 oz ground coffee
For their extra-dark Decaf French Roast Ground Coffee, Peet's draws on high-altitude beans from Guatemala and Columbia, where the coffee cherries mature slowly and become denser, harder, and packed with flavor. Even when decaffeinated, these bright, juicy beans retain their complexity through the heat of a deep, dark roast. It has a satisfying, classic "coffee" character with notes of smoke and hints of bittersweet caramel—a powerful, full-bodied brew that you might not even know is decaf. Ground for you, to save a little time when you need it most.

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About The Producer

Peet's Coffee
Alameda, CA
Sourcing high-quality coffees, Peet's utilizes direct farmer trade, farmer assistance programs, certified fair trade, and certified organic coffees to provide a great experience for their customers and for the farmers whose coffee they roast.Read more