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Organic Original Oat Milk

32 fl oz
$0.16 / fl oz
Organic Original Oat Milk

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Naturally sweet and creamier than other non-dairy milk, Organic Original Oat Milk is free of nuts, carrageenan, and soy. Because oats lend a natural sweetness and thickness to this milk, there isn't a need for artificial thickeners or additional sugars, making this an ideal alternate anywhere you'd use milk. We especially love it frothed up in a latte, whipped up into pancake batter, or in creamy soups. 

Ingredients: water, oats*, oat bran*, contains 1% or less of: gellan gum, sea salt, tricalcium phosphate, vitamin d2 (*organic).

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Pacific Foods
Tualatin, OR
Every day at Pacific, we celebrate the natural goodness of food. We’ve always believed that nature's work needs little refinement. That’s why we stick with just a few simple ingredients in our recipes, showcasing each ingredient’s true flavor and inherent nutrition.Read more