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Vegetable & Turmeric Kuku Frittata

4 oz
Vegetable & Turmeric Kuku Frittata

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Kuku is a traditional Persian dish, full of fresh herbs and vegetables mixed with eggs and a balanced spice mix that's a little different for each variety—it's a bit like a lighter and more herb-packed frittata. This classic Veggie Kuku Frittata is satisfying and savory with summer veggies like green beans, carrots, and red bell peppers, drizzled with olive oil and a sprinkling of sea salt. Try it warmed for a fast and healthy breakfast, sandwich it between two slices of bread for a fun twist on an egg sandwich, or snack on it cold straight out of the fridge.

Ingredients: green beans, eggs, carrots, red bell peppers, chickpea flour, olive oil, spices, sea salt.

Contains: eggs.

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About The Producer

Oyna Natural Foods
San Francisco, CA
Oyna means "to dance" in Azeri, the language of northwest Iran, where Aisan and Mehdi's parents are from. Aisan and Medhi's love for kuku (کوکو) began as children growing up in Tehran, where kuku is enjoyed in every home and on each street corner.Read more