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Oya Organics

Organic Purple Baby Broccoli Trio

3 bunch
$7.99 / lb
Organic Purple Baby Broccoli Trio

Product Details

Approx. 0.5 lb per bunch

Purple Baby Broccoli is mild, sweeter, and more colorful than its green-headed broccoli cousin. It has tender stems, making the whole broccoli edible. Perfect for steaming and sautéing, but is also great roasted or grilled after a splash of olive oil. Purple Baby Broccoli turns from bright purple to deep green when cooked, making the preparation quite a magical kitchen experience.

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Oya Organics
Hollister, CA
Oya Organics is a small diversified organic farm in Hollister, CA, growing about 50 annual crops such as tomatoes, brassicas, beans, peppers, greens and more.Read more