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Organic Whole Grassmilk

1 half gallon
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Organic Whole Grassmilk

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64 fl oz per half gallon

Organic Valley Organic Whole Grassmilk is a premium dairy product that embodies the purity and richness of organic farming. Sourced from cows raised on lush organic pastures, this milk is brimming with essential nutrients and wholesome goodness.

With its creamy texture and full-bodied flavor, Organic Valley Organic Whole Grassmilk is perfect for enjoying on its own or incorporating into a variety of recipes. Whether poured over cereal, used in baking, or enjoyed in a comforting cup of coffee, this milk adds a touch of indulgence to every sip and bite.

Produced without the use of artificial hormones or antibiotics, Organic Valley Organic Whole Grassmilk is a testament to the commitment to sustainable and ethical farming practices. Elevate your culinary experience with Organic Valley, and savor the rich, authentic taste of whole grass-fed milk.

Ingredients: Organic Grade A Milk, Vitamin D3

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