Ophora Water

Half-Gallon Bottled Water

64 fl oz
Half-Gallon Bottled Water

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Nano-Pure®, Re-Structured®, Hyper-Oxygenated®, pH Balanced water that delivers a uniquely smooth and airy feel, award winning taste, no microplastics and enhanced health benefits like no other water available today. Shipments to areas with freezing conditions may be delayed. 

Ingredients: Nano-purified, hyper-oxygenated water

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Ophora Water
Santa Barbara, CA
OPHORA Water Technologies produces the World’s Healthiest Water® by utilizing advanced science to restore water to its pure, natural state. Founded by water expert Ken Guoin and entrepreneur Christen Brown, OPHORA Water is nano-pure®, hyper-oxygenated®, and crystalline re-structured®. With 14 levels of filtration and four U.S. patents for stabilizing oxygen in water, OPHORA offers unmatched hydration and health benefits. Available in recyclable glass bottles, OPHORA Water is committed to sustainability and purity, ensuring you receive clean, energizing water as nature intended.Read more