The Baird ~ House Blend

8 oz
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The Baird ~ House Blend

Product Details

Whole bean coffee
Originally designed in partnership with a fairly well-known spirit slinger for use in the end-all, be-all of Irish Coffees, The Baird debuted during an Irish Whiskey release party in the Mission and was such a hit that we chose to keep it on as a regular offering. It's got some weight to the mouthfeel, with a very mild citrus acidity and layers of chocolate and hazelnut. We made it tough enough to cut through sugar, cream and whiskey, but it's kind of great on its own as well.

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About The Producer

We spend our days scouring the globe for the highest quality beans we can find, procuring them in the most ethical manner possible, and fine-tuning our roasts to no end. All in an effort to provide you with the best coffee we can.Read more