Single Origin ~ Seasonal

8 oz
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Single Origin ~ Seasonal

Product Details

Whole bean coffee

Enjoy the freshest coffees when they are in the peak of the season. From Central America, to Africa and all the way over to the Far East, with this option you can trust that we will be sharing the most delicious coffees the world has to offer no matter what the season.

Current Offering: Yagikawa (Kiganda, Burundi )

Tasting Notes: Cranberries & Prunes wrapped in Grass w/ Earth                                                            

Processing: Wet

Cultivar: Bourbon

Altitude: 1750 Meters

Harvest: Winter 2021

Roast Level: City

Grind Suggestion: Fine

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About The Producer

We spend our days scouring the globe for the highest quality beans we can find, procuring them in the most ethical manner possible, and fine-tuning our roasts to no end. All in an effort to provide you with the best coffee we can.Read more