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Ginger Lemon Sparkling Tonic

12 fl oz
$0.22 / fl oz
Ginger Lemon Sparkling Tonic

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Olipop's Ginger Lemon Sparkling Tonic combines Caribbean- and European-style mulling spices for a potent, balanced, and complex flavor that's ginger-forward and soothing to your stomach. All of Olipop's drinks are designed to support digestive health and benefit your microbiome, digestive function, and metabolic health.

Ingredients: purified water, ginger juice, olismart (chicory root, jerusalem artichoke, kudzu root, cassava fiber, cassava syrup, marshmallow root, slippery elm bark, nopal cactus, calendula flower), apple juice, lemon juice, cassia cinnamon, stevia, pink rock salt, ginger essence, mulled spice flavor.

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Oakland, CA
Olipop is a sparkling tonic for digestive health.Read more