Old Dog Ranch

Local Honey & Sea Salt Walnut Butter

8 oz
$1.99 / oz
Local Honey & Sea Salt Walnut Butter

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We toast and grind Organic Chandler Walnuts and add a touch of local honey and salt for this spreadable nutt-y treat. Chandler Walnuts, a varietal of the English Walnut, are high in Omega 3s and offer a creamy texture and mild flavor when blended into this nut butter.   

organic walnuts, raw honey, salt. 

Contains: tree nuts 

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Old Dog Ranch
San Joaquin, CA
Old Dog Ranch is a fifth-generation family farm on the Calaveras River in San Joaquin County, CA. Mollie Sitkin makes the Old Dog Ranch line of walnut snacks and walnut butters with organic Chandler walnuts from a ten-acre orchard her father planted the year she was born.Read more