Oh Baby Foods

Oh Baby Foods

Fayetteville, AR

Our story is simple. As a new mom, I wanted only the very best for my little punkin’ pie. I researched the baby food options out there and decided that while they may be safe and contain many of the nutritive aspects our babies need, they just weren’t good enough. So I visited our local farmers’ market, put on an apron, explored flavor combinations and put Lucy’s friends to work taste-testing new creations.

100% of the fruits, veggies and herbs in Oh Baby Foods' small-batch baby food is certified organic, non-GMO verified and grown in the US, with many of the crops raised regionally. You’ll find nothing unnatural here, simply delicious and healthy recipes!

We stand behind the following core values:

  • 100% USA Grown 
  • Regionally Raised
  • Non-GMO Verified
  • Certified Organic
Made in the United States

“Coming from an agricultural family, I take sourcing our fresh ingredients seriously. Our ingredients must feed the growing bellies and brains of your baby AND support the Agrarian lifestyle that I personally value so much.”
~ Fran, creator of Oh Baby Foods

100% of the fruits, veggies and herbs that make up your baby’s meals are grown in the US. Yep, 100%. That means that your purchase directly supports organic farmers throughout this country. What else does that mean?

  • Fruit and veggies are harvested ripe; no long-distance travels for our meals-for-babies
  • Job creation happens when we buy from US families
  • Low food miles means you’re doing your part to sustain US agriculture

Because we do seek the very freshest ingredients, we buy from regional sources as often as possible. What is “regional”? Regional means an ingredient grown within 400 miles of our kitchen. That’s fresh!


We are the very first baby food company in the world to have all of our products verified through the Non-GMO Project!

Why is this important to us? We feel that genetically modified organisms (GMOs) are too new to mess around with, not only for consuming, but also to present in our natural environment. We’re not yet convinced that GMOs will alleviate global hunger and health issues beyond their possible negative impacts on our world. Babies and their new immune systems are especially susceptible to unhealthy and foreign factors, AND they are the ones that will inherit the world that we take care of today. We want to offer pure foods for pure babies.


Our purees are certified organic through the USDA’s NOP (National Organic Program) by Oregon Tilth.

Why? We feed ourselves and our loved ones organic foods and see no reason to serve your family anything less. Strict growing and handling guidelines reduce consumers’ exposure to toxic and persistent pesticides. Infants are especially susceptible to damage by toxins since their organs are not as efficient at immobilizing toxins. The acceptable pesticide residues allowed in conventional (non-organic) foods are developed for adult consumption, not for children or babies. Besides personal safety, there are numerous environmental reasons for going organic.

From Good Eggs: Why We Love Oh Baby Foods

Oh Baby Foods is committed to 100% organic and non-GMO project verified baby food made with fruits, veggies and herbs that are all 100% US-grown, many of them raised with 400 miles of their Fayetteville, AR kitchen, making them a great partner for Good Eggs across the country.  

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