Odd Bagel

Odd Bagel


For Brent Woodard, a cup of coffee and a bagel with cream cheese was the perfect start to the day. Then, in 2013, he discovered his intolerance to gluten, and that joy was lost... where were the real bagels? Rather than put up with the unsatisfying, bland, dry options out there, Brent headed for the kitchen and created the Odd Bagel.

Made right here in the Bay Area, Odd Bagels are boiled and baked in the traditional New York style to get the texture and chew of the real thing. They wanted to make a bagel that everyone could enjoy, so they use only those ingredients that make the best bagel, while keeping free of wheat, eggs, dairy, nuts, corn, potato, and soy, with no added oil or extra sugar. With a generous coating of toppings, it’s time to enjoy the experience of eating a bagel again!

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