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Chocolate Non-Dairy Ice Cream


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Chocolate Non-Dairy Ice Cream

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Creamy, smooth, and totally plant-based! Whether you're dairy-free or just looking to get a scoop of something new, Oatly's Chocolate Non-Dairy Ice Cream is a delicious frozen dessert made with their oatmilk, plus plenty of real cocoa. Top it with fresh fruit or caramel sauce for a true indulgence!

Ingredients: oat base (water, oats), coconut oil, sugar, dextrose, glucose syrup, low erucic acid rapeseed oil, cocoa powder treated with alkali. contains 2% or less of: mono- and diglycerides of fatty acids, locust bean gum, guar gum, sea salt.

Contains: tree nuts (coconut)

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About The Producer

Malmö, Sweden
Oatly's purpose as a company is to make it easy for people to turn what they eat and drink into personal moments of healthy joy without recklessly taxing the planet’s resources in the process.Read more