New Moon Organics

New Moon Organics

Shively, CA

New Moon Organics is a family farm, producing CCOF Certified dry farmed organic fruits and vegetables. No pesticides, herbicides, fertilizers, hormones, antibiotics and/or GMOs are used in our practices and operations.

We dry farm, which conserves water usage while creating a deeper flavor with a higher mineral and vitamin content. Using techniques as old as the art of cultivation itself, we work to prevent soil erosion and maintain the deep fertility of Shively’s soil. Cover cropping, rotation, and leaving land fallow is done seasonally. Perennialized native boarders sustain biodiversity and habitats.

Many of the open pollinated varieties that we grow have been passed down to us from Shively organic seed producer Bill Reynolds. We produce our own supply of seeds every year from these regionally adapted varieties. New Moon Organics uses safe and fair labor practices, with worker incentives. We recycle and re-use packing materials and use minimal packaging. We market and sell locally at grocery stores, restaurants and farmers markets. We also source to some of the finest restaurants and grocery stores in the Bay Area, including The Blue Plate, Outerlands, and Chez Panisse.

New Moon Organics is owned and operated by Jill L. VanderLinden and John Francisco and family since 2006.

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