Native Forest

Coconut Cream

5.4 fl oz
Coconut Cream

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Native Forest Coconut Cream is a rich and creamy dairy-free alternative made from pure, organic coconut meat. This versatile ingredient is perfect for adding a luscious texture and tropical flavor to both sweet and savory dishes, including soups, curries, desserts, and beverages. Free from preservatives and artificial additives, Native Forest Coconut Cream is crafted to be naturally gluten-free and vegan, providing a wholesome and delicious option for a variety of culinary creations.

Ingredients: Organic coconut, water, organic guar gum.

Contains: Tree nuts (coconut).

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About The Producer

Native Forest
Carpinteria, CA
Native Forest brought the first certified organic coconut milk to North America in 2001. They're part of the Edward & Sons family of brands, which believes in using simple, wholesome ingredients that are safe for many food allergy sufferers to enjoy.Read more