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Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

1.5 liter
$0.65 / fl oz
Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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1.5 liter glass bottle
Organic extra virgin olive oil from the first cold pressing, processed at temperatures below 98.5 degrees. The unfiltered product has a medium bodied flavor and is well suited for everyday use from sautéing to marinades. 

Napa Valley Naturals is dedicated to keeping the Earth’s air and water free from pesticides and chemical fertilizers. When you buy this organic extra virgin olive oil  you help support small entrepreneurial farmers who are committed to building the living soils of their farmland and the living souls of their employees. Thank you for making a conscious choice to eat well and treat the earth well.

Ingredients: 100% Cold Pressed Unrefined Third Party Certified Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Contains No Trans Fatty Acids. 
Bottled in a facility that handles nut, peanut, and soybean oils.

Please note: This oil is unfiltered to maximize flavor. Cloudiness may occur under cool conditions.

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About The Producer

Napa Valley Naturals
Corte Madera, CA
Building on his experience in the natural products industry, our founder, Kendall Cook, started Napa Valley Naturals with a dream of combining the gratifying experiences of tasting great food and doing great things. His vision: to provide delicious organic foods while supporting environmental preservation, sustainable agriculture, and entrepreneurial farmers devoted to these principles.Read more