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Barrel Aged Champagne Vinegar

12.7 fl oz
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Barrel Aged Champagne Vinegar

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This artisan reserve champagne wine vinegar was crafted by combining several different lots of California sparkling wine made from handpicked, vine-ripened chardonnay grapes. Each year a small amount is decanted and slowly aged up to two years in oak barrels, not stainless steel tanks. It is then bottled to retain the delicate crispness and golden color of premium sparkling wine. A great alternative to white wine vinegar when you want a mellower flavor, the light and crisp profile of this vinegar is great around the holidays and even better suited for the summer heat. Pour it over salads, tomatoes and fresh mozzarella cheese. Use it to marinate poultry and game, or in a reduction glaze for delicately flavored fish dishes. 

 Champagne Vinegar.

As an unfiltered vinegar you may find pieces of the "mother" in the bottle. This harmless bacteria, acetobactor—which turns wine into vinegar—can appear as globs, strands or sediment. Napa Valley Naturals' vinegars are unfiltered and not pasteurized and the mother is a naturally occurring part of the vinegar making process.

Bottled in a facility that handles nut, peanut and soybean oils. 

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