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Smart Miso - Light Sweet

5.2 oz
Smart Miso - Light Sweet

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MISO paste is a traditional Japanese food. For more than 1,300 years, Miso has been consumed as one of the most important culinary seasonings in Japan. Miso is produced by steaming soybeans with Koji-cultured gains such as rice, brown rice or soybeans, and sea salt. Our "MUSO from Japan" Smart Misos come from family-owned miso producers in Japan who use traditional methods. Our rich, flavorful, gourmet, vegan soy miso is now available in an easy-to-use package

Refrigerate after opening

Ingredients: Water, Rice, Whole Soybeans, Sea Salt, Sweet Potato Syrup, Sugar Cane Alcohol (to preserve freshness)

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Muso From Japan
Poway, CA
Muso From Japan, part of Japan Gold USA, is renowned for offering high-quality, authentic Japanese foods. With roots in the Macrobiotic Association founded in 1953, Muso specializes in traditional Japanese foods, emphasizing natural and authentic production.Read more