Good Eggs Dinner Kits
Vegetarian Dinner Kit
Absurdly fresh ingredients, prepped and portioned for a hassle-free weeknight win.
3 meals, 3 servings each
$8.33 per serving

Not Your Average Meal Kit

Absurdly Fresh Produce
Prepped the minute it hits our kitchen — never shipped from who-knows-where.
Dinner Kits for Real Life
We keep cooking time down to 10-15 minutes. Because it's Tuesday, not Top Chef.
Dinner Plus Groceries
We’re the only one that delivers both. Boom. Now you're cooking.

How It Works (Spoiler: It's Super Easy)

Do I need to subscribe?

Nope! Order from us once or as often as you please, but you’ll save $$ every week if you subscribe. If your plans change, you can cancel, skip, or make changes at any time.

How is it packaged with the rest of my groceries?

Because your dinner kit and groceries arrive at your place the same day they leave ours, your food arrives with minimal packaging. Cold stuff stays cold with reusable ice packs, and our prepared food containers are recyclable.

What other kits do you offer if this week’s dinner kit doesn’t work for me?

Only need one or two meals? Dietary restrictions or picky eaters? Check out our single dinner kits in Meal Kits for something to suit everyone.

How soon can I get it?

We sell Weeknight and Vegetarian Dinner Kits on every day of the week. Check out by 1pm for same-day delivery.

Do you offer dinner kits for different diets?

Our Weeknight Dinner Kit fits an omnivore diet and our Vegetarian Dinner Kit is for those who prefer no meat. Looking for something else? Email [email protected].

Do your dinner kit ingredients meet the Good Eggs food standards?

We source the freshest ingredients from the same producers you’ll see in our marketplace — 70% local and always high integrity.