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Mr. Dewie's

Chocolate Orange Chip Organic Cashew Ice Cream

14 oz
Chocolate Orange Chip Organic Cashew Ice Cream

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Indulge guilt-free with Mr. Dewie's Organic, Vegan Cashew Ice Cream in Chocolate Orange Chip flavor—a decadent dairy-free delight that satisfies your sweet cravings. Crafted from creamy cashew milk, this ice cream offers a luxurious texture that's complemented by the rich essence of chocolate and the zesty tang of orange. Each spoonful is packed with indulgent chocolate chips, providing a delightful crunch and burst of flavor with every bite. Made with organic ingredients and completely free from animal products, Mr. Dewie's Vegan Cashew Ice Cream Chocolate Orange Chip offers a deliciously conscious treat for vegans and non-vegans alike. Whether enjoyed solo or as a flavorful addition to desserts, it's the perfect way to savor the sweet moments guilt-free. Treat yourself to the luscious taste of Mr. Dewie's and experience the bliss of dairy-free indulgence.

Ingredients: Organic cashew milk, organic evaporated cane sugar, organic cocoa powder (non alkalinized), vegan chocolate chips, organic vanilla extract, chocolate extract, organic coffee, organic pure orange oil, kosher salt

Contains: tree nuts (cashews)

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About The Producer

Mr. Dewie's
San Leandro, CA
Brothers Ari and Andrew Cohen, founders of Mr. Dewie's Cashew Milk Ice Cream, crafted a creamy, rich, and delicious ice cream free of dairy, gluten, and soy using only natural, organic, and healthy ingredients. Founded in 2011 in Berkeley, CA, their ice cream is truly homemade without fillers, additives, preservatives, gums, or oils.Read more