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Ruby Grapefruit Paloma

187 ml
Ruby Grapefruit Paloma

Product Details

187 ml, 15% abv

Mommenpop's ready-to-drink, single-serving Paloma is bursting with fresh grapefruit tanginess! At the perfect size (187 mL), it’s the just the right beverage for the park, the beach, or your kitchen table. Delightfully carbonated and highly refreshing, pop the Paloma’s cap, serve cold (straight from the bottle or poured over ice) and you’re good to go! Mommenpop is an organic California citrus aperitif made in Napa with peak-season, local citrus. No artificial colors or flavors; no added sugars or preservatives!

Ingredients: Pinot noir rose wine, grapefruit peel and juice, grape spirit, cardamom, sea salt

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About The Producer

Napa, CA
Mommenpop produces organic, California citrus apéritif, by layering organic wine with thousands of pounds of peak-season, organic California citrus.Read more