San Francisco, CA

San Francisco has a long history as a meeting place for minds, a nexus for a trade where arts and culture flourish alongside the foggy Victorians. MaryMar Keenan, owner, and designer of MMclay, is thrilled to have been able to build and sustain a successful business from the ground up producing unique, made-to-order pieces in a city as dynamic as this. There are currently two San Francisco locations. They produce all their wares from their studio space, which doubles as a Showroom, and sometimes an art gallery or event space! The open space located at 69 Gough St. invites visitors to take a peek at the process. The other shop is right around the corner on 395 Linden St. in a charming 1964 Airstream transported from South Carolina, MaryMar’s home state. By making their handmade products widely available, they provide a connection to handmade ceramics, one of the oldest crafts on the planet. MMclay customers engage with objects that have been intentionally created, and MMclay aims to show the world the beauty in the slow process of making sustainable goods by hand. People are often surprised by their reaction when handling their work- there is something truly special about it.

MMclay works hard to be able to provide this grounding connection to everyone, to encourage people to engage with the rituals of daily life. Today's world is filled with unsustainable mass-produced goods that contribute to unfair global labor practices and a worsening climate crisis. They invite people to imagine a world that is possible, where all goods are carefully and lovingly made, where all parts of the supply chain are sustainable, and where all labor is fairly valued. They seek to demonstrate that not only is this world possible, but it is also beautiful- their pieces are a tangible reminder of the elegance and care that dedication, compassion, and a love of craft can create. MMclay's mission as a small woman-owned handmade business has always been to bring art to the table: to share their love for the ceramic art form with the world and to integrate community and intention into their customers’ daily lives.

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