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Vegetarian Miso Cup

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Vegetarian Miso Cup

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Mike's Mighty Good Vegetarian Miso Cup is a savory delight that brings the authentic taste of traditional Japanese miso soup to your table in minutes. Crafted with care using high-quality, vegetarian-friendly ingredients, this instant soup cup offers a rich and flavorful broth infused with the umami goodness of miso. Packed with wholesome ingredients like organic ramen noodles and a blend of vegetables, it provides a satisfying and nourishing meal option for any time of day. Simply add hot water and stir for a quick and convenient meal that's ready to enjoy wherever you go. Whether you're craving a comforting snack at work or a warm pick-me-up at home, Mike's Mighty Good Vegetarian Miso Cup is the perfect solution for busy days. Indulge in the authentic taste of Japanese cuisine with this convenient and delicious soup cup, satisfying your cravings with every savory sip.

Ingredients: organic unbleached wheat flour, miso (soybeans, cultured rice [rice, aspergillus oryzae], salt), organic sunflower oil, yeast extracts, organic potato starch, organic sugar, sea salt, organic wheat gluten, kombu extract, shitake mushroom, wakame seaweed, onion, garlic, spices, cabbage, organic sesame oil

Contains: wheat, soy.

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Mike's Mighty Good
Woodland, CA
Mike's Mighty Good, founded in 2014, is redefining instant ramen with a commitment to quality, sustainability, and flavor. Their craft ramen features rich broth, organic steamed noodles made from scratch daily, and simple, recognizable ingredients. With 40% less sodium than leading brands and a dedication to sustainable practices, including no palm oil and renewable energy use, Mike's Mighty Good brings ramen bar-quality noodles to your home.Read more