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Horchata Grahams

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Horchata Grahams

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Horchata Graham Crackers take classic childhood favorites to new heights. Crafted with whole-grain brown rice, these crackers offer a satisfying crunch. Infused with a harmonious blend of cinnamon, vanilla, and a touch of almond, all bound together with rich amber date syrup, these crackers present a well-balanced snacking experience. Whether paired with a cortado or your preferred plant milk, Horchata Graham Crackers deliver a nostalgic treat with a delightful twist.

Ingredients: Brown rice flour*, cold pressed coconut oil*, oat flour*, date syrup* oat milk* (oats, water), date powder*, mesquite flour*, flax seeds*, vanilla extract*, baking soda, almond extract*, spices*, kosher salt. (*Organic)

Contains: tree nuts (coconut)

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Mesquite Provisions
Berkeley, CA
Mesquite Provisions is a brand that creates snacks inspired by the bold flavors and ingredients of the American Southwest. Founded by Jen Musty, with roots in Tucson, Arizona, the brand crafts each bite with reverence for the desert's rugged beauty and the hardy produce cultivated from its arid land. Their snacks feature unique ingredients like Sonoran chiltepins, Tamaya blue corn, dates from the Coachella Valley, and mesquite flour. With a range of graham crackers, cookies, and cocktail crunch flavors, all plant-based, gluten-free, whole-grain, and sweetened only with dates, Mesquite Provisions offers a delightful and health-focused snack experience.Read more