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Half Flat of Organic Flavor Crest Yellow Peaches

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Half Flat of Organic Flavor Crest Yellow Peaches

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Approx. 5-6 lb, 15-20 peaches per half flat
It seemed almost silly to write our own description of this peach grown by amazing farmers and prolific writers, so we asked them to do it. According to Nikiko Masumoto, "Flavor Crest, a cousin of the Sun Crest and descendant of Gold Dust, dazzles with reds and yellows. What's underneath the surface is equally enchanting; this peach is full of sweetness and leaves a soprano note of acid-tang on the palate. We enjoy these especially in a 'peach caprese' salad, replacing tomatoes with peaches, fresh mozzarella, basil, and a shimmer of olive oil, salt & pepper. "

As described in The Perfect Peach, Mas and Nikiko's amazing book, "This is the peach you take home to meet your parents: solid, sweet, understanding, outstanding flavor, blush color." -David Mas Masumoto

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Masumoto Family Farm
Fresno, CA
Organic fruit grown by the world-renown David Mas Masumoto and his family in Fresno, CA.Read more