Marin French Cheese

Petite Breakfast Cheese

4 oz
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Petite Breakfast Cheese

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4oz round

Marin French Breakfast Cheese is a California original – a fresh unripened Brie made in our Marin creamery since the late 1800’s. Petite Breakfast has been selected a Winner in the 2015 Good Food Awards. Look for it with the vintage-style label ‘1865’ during our 150th Anniversary year, 2015. Pairs with California Sauvignon Blanc, Wheat Beer or Hard Cider.

Ingredients: pasteurized cultured cow’s milk, salt, and microbial enzymes. 

Contains: dairy.

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Marin French Cheese
At Marin French we’ve been passionate about cheesemaking since 1865. So, in 2015 we’re taking a look back over the 150 years we’ve spent here at Hicks Valley Ranch making our original, handcrafted soft-ripened cheeses. While honoring our tradition we celebrate the innovation and exciting awards our company is enjoying today.Read more