Marieke Gouda

Cranberry Gouda

5 oz
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Cranberry Gouda

Product Details

5 oz wedge

Savor the creamy, buttery goodness of this authentic farmstead gouda, adorned with delightful tart cranberry notes. It pairs exquisitely with zinfandel, baco noir, or white wine. Enjoy the mild and slightly sweet taste with a subtle cranberry hint.

Ingredients: Raw cow's milk, cultures, enzymes, salt, cranberry pieces.

Contains: Milk.

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About The Producer

Marieke Gouda
Thorpe, WI
Marieke Gouda is a delicious journey from the Netherlands to America, rooted in a love for dairy farming. Founded by Marieke Penterman and her husband Rolf, this brand takes the rich tradition of Gouda cheese and elevates it to new heights. Marieke's Gouda isn't just cheese; it's a masterpiece. Winning numerous awards, including the United States Grand Champion in 2013, these cheeses are handcrafted with passion and an authentic Old World technique. Their commitment to quality extends to the cows, providing a happy, healthy life for them in a free-stall barn, or "cow spa." Marieke Gouda is more than just a cheese; it's a testament to tradition, quality, and an inclusive environment where women lead the way.Read more