Marativa Seafood

Marativa Seafood

South Pasadena, CA

Marativa Seafood supplies the highest quality, sustainably harvested seafood products from artisanal fisheries around the world for both wild capture and aquaculture to service both food service and retail markets.

Marativa Seafood's products are sourced all over the world with a focus on Mexican seafood from both the east and west coast of Mexico. Their seafood comes from small artisanal fishing villages usually located just offshore inside small bays or just off the coast.

At Marativa, they are focused on creating an equitable supply chain that celebrates high-quality seafood and artisanal practices. These artisanal practices are also some of the most sustainable methods of fishing out there. Marativa started with a vision of re-instating value in the supply chain with blue shrimp, and now wants to expand that model throughout the globe across multiple species for both wild capture and farmed.

Marativa Seafood's mission is to de-commoditize sustainable seafood and eradicate poverty through empowerment-based supply chain models.

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