Mama Ganache Artisan Chocolates

Mama Ganache Artisan Chocolates

San Luis Obispo

Like the Hippocratic oath, First, do no harm. You can feel secure that eating our Fair-Trade-certified chocolate does no harm, either to the earth or the people who depend on it.

Currently, our beans come from either the Dominican Republic, Peru or Costa Rica, the only countries in the world where there are farmers' cooperatives that are certified organic and Fair Trade. In the meantime, a portion of our profits from our chocolate bars will go to support West African cooperatives in their efforts to become organic.

Organic and Fair Trade are like two soybeans in the pod of sustainability. Organic supports the soil and human health, protecting us from chemical pollutants. Fair Trade promotes community health by paying the farmer a higher price. Support the future by purchasing our delicious, high-quality products made from fair trade and organic chocolate.

We would like to invite you to help support Project Hope and Fairness, a 501(3c) charitable organization. Its main goal is to help the cocoa farmer.  Right now, they are focusing efforts in Ivory Coast, the source of 75% of America's chocolate. There are over 600,000 cocoa farms in Ivory Coast, most of them dirt-poor. Their goal is to redress the negative effects of large chocolate corporations, which have done little to improve the lives of the farmers whose products we enjoy. Visit to find out more!

We believe that capitalism comes in different flavors--not just the survival-of-the-fittest sort, but a softer, kinder, and more sustainable way of doing business that considers the needs of our planet and its people. Chocolate that's better for the environment.

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