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Maker Wine

2022 Alta Orsa Chardonnay

250 ml
2022 Alta Orsa Chardonnay

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One 250 ml can

Maker Wine 2022 Alta Orsa Chardonnay from Handley Cellars, Anderson Valley, CA, presents a delightful take on the Chardonnay varietal. Crisp and refreshing, this French-inspired Chardonnay is designed to please both devoted Chardonnay enthusiasts and those who typically shy away from the variety. Ingredients: Chardonnay Grapes

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Maker Wine
Marin, CA
Maker Wine Company is all about delivering premium wines in the perfect single-serving can. Each can represents a unique collaboration with a small-batch wine producer, complete with the signature and story of the maker behind it. These wines stand out with their unique varieties and exceptional quality, sourced responsibly from organic or certified sustainable farms. Notably, Maker shines a spotlight on rising stars in the wine world, particularly female and minority-led wineries. Their dedication to excellence is evident through numerous Gold Medals and high ratings, making Maker the top-rated canned wine available. With a commitment to dry wines containing 0g of sugar and under 5 carbs per serving, Maker offers a refreshing, authentic experience.Read more