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Organic Honey Glazed Cashews

3.5 oz
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Organic Honey Glazed Cashews

Product Details

3.5 oz

Organic cashews have been glazed in honey and molasses for a sweet and creamy bite. Made in a peanut-free facility, these Organic Honey Glazed Cashews have also been family farmed and made in small batches. No added oils or preservatives have been added, making this an easy and protein packed snacking option.

Ingredients: organic cashews, organic honey crystals, organic dehydrated cane sugar, organic molasses, salt.

Contains: tree nuts.

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Maisie Jane's
Chico, CA
Maisie Jane is a fourth-generation almond farmer. She and her team are passionate about offering unique, flavorful, top quality almond products grown using sustainable practices.Read more