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California Wild Blend Rice

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California Wild Blend Rice

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Color, delightful texture, full-bodied flavor, and aroma all come together in this blend. Wild Blend is versatile, so serve it up with hearty meals or subtle seafood dishes.

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Richvale, CA

Family, Community, Story: Organic rice pioneers

The Lundberg family moved from Nebraska to the rice-growing region of Northern California in the 1930s. For their earliest days as California rice farmers, the Lundbergs have always had a commitment to land stewardship and sustainability. Today, Lundberg produces much more than just rice: they produce rice cakes, rice chips, and rice pasta as well. But the company continues to be family owned and operated, now run by the third generation.

Sourcing, Practices, Standards: Healthy rice ecosystems

The Lundberg family was the pioneer of organic rice production in California. In the 1960s, the three Lundberg brothers began farming organically and ecologically, and producing rice out of their own brand. Today most of Lundberg’s rice is certified organic, and what isn’t is “eco-farmed,” with limited chemical use and incorporating ecological growing practices. The Lundberg’s also actively preserve their rice fields as habitat for migrating water fowl.


Lundberg rice is some of the highest quality you can come by. They grow a myriad of varieties, from short and long grain rices to arborio, sushi, and basmati. The gluten-free rice pastas have only one ingredient--organic brown rice! And are so delicious that they are loved even by gluten eaters.

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Lundberg Family Farm
Richvale, CA
Lundberg Family Farms has been growing rice in California's Sacramento River Delta area since 1937. In the 1960s, the Lundberg family committed to growing rice differently, pioneering the farming or organic and "eco-farmed" rice, and protecting bird habitat in their rice fields.Read more