Lunaria Flower Farm

Lunaria Flower Farm

Pescadero, CA

Lunaria Flower Farm offers fresh cut flowers, dried cut flowers, and medicinal herbal flowers out of Pescadero, CA. At the core of the farm, founder Gaby Lee (and former Good Eggs Produce Buyer!) grows over 50 different varieties of Flower Medicine, or flowers with medicinal value. According to Gaby, "medicinal value means more than what we think of when it comes to Western medicine. Flower medicine can be used to prevent and treat illness, shift our energy and vibration, uplift and soothe our emotions and deepen our connection to the earth. I hope to share the power, knowledge, beauty and magic of flowers with our offerings at Lunaria Flower Farm."

The flowers of the farm are interplanted with our friends at Brisa de Año Ranch fruits and vegetables to create a diversified field full of beneficial insects and pollinators, food and medicine - without this collaboration, the farm would not be possible! Through farming and community building, Lunaria Flower Farm strives to contribute to the collective healing in both the physical and spiritual realms.

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