Lovers Lane Farm

Wildflower Honey Squeeze Jar

8 oz
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Wildflower Honey Squeeze Jar

Product Details

8 oz squeeze jar.
Lovers Lane Farm is a small, family run homestead based in the hills of Ukiah, CA. We take pride in our honey and believe it is the finest you’ll ever taste. 

Like a winemaker choosing the location and climate for its unique flavor potential, Lovers Lane Farm yields premium quality honey by placing hives strategically in seasonal flower sources and distinct climates. The result is a delicious, colorful array of honey, made in the same spirit and with similar subtleties to a fine, well produced wine.Each season’s batch is consistently excellent and has its own unique taste year after year, depending on the weather, soil, and plants in the immediate area of the hive. For food connoisseurs it is a gold mine of character. For those who like a little sweetness, Lovers Lane Farm honey is uncommonly delightful.Lovers Lane Farm works hard to ensure that every jar contains only the finest quality, minimally processed honey. This “liquid gold” has not been exposed to excessive heat or manipulation. Unlike most honey you’ll find, Lovers Lane Farm does not adulterate or manipulate the bees’ formula. The end result is one of nature’s finest gifts, tasting exactly as it does when harvested from the beehive.

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About The Producer

Lovers Lane Farm
Lovers Lane Farm harvests small batches of gourmet honey from the mountains, valleys and orchards of rustic Mendocino County. By placing the hives strategically amongst the seasonal power sources and numerous distinct climates within the county, Lovers Lane Farm produces an array of flavorful honeys. Each batch tastes unique, year after year, depending on the weather, soil, and plants in the immediate area of the hive. No chemicals or pesticides are used in the production of Lovers Lane Farm honey. The honey is pure, unfiltered and unprocessed using only natural gravity ow to move the liquid.Read more