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Love Corn

Roasted Corn with Sea Salt

4 oz
Roasted Corn with Sea Salt

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Love Corn's Roasted Corn with Sea Salt is a simple yet irresistible snack that celebrates the pure, natural goodness of corn. Each kernel is meticulously roasted to achieve the perfect balance of crunchiness and tenderness. The addition of sea salt enhances the flavor profile, providing a savory and satisfying taste experience. This snack is a celebration of simplicity, allowing the inherent sweetness of corn to shine while being complemented by the subtle, briny notes of sea salt.

Ingredients: Corn, Sea Salt, Sunflower Oil.

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About The Producer

Love Corn
Ho-Ho-Kus, NJ
Love Corn began as more than just a snack — it's a movement towards simplicity, community, and joy. Rooted in the belief that snacks should be delicious and made with simple ingredients, Love Corn creates smiles with every pack. Their commitment to the community is deep-rooted; Love Corn has set ambitious goals to donate one million samples and build 50 school learning gardens within three years, underscoring their dedication to supporting local communities​​​​.Read more