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Organic Brown Heirloom Basmati Rice

30 oz
$4.95 / lb
Organic Brown Heirloom Basmati Rice

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Organic Brown Heirloom Basmati Rice is a premium heirloom varietal: Dehraduni, known as "the mother of basmati" rice. It's beloved for its fragrance, elongated grains, light, fluffy texture, and superior flavor. Lotus Foods' Dehraduni rice is grown in the Doon Valley of Uttarakhand, India, by farmers using SRI farming practices that minimize water and pesticide input. With long, fluffy grains, this nutty brown rice is great served alongside any dish; or try it as the star of the show in biryani, tahdig, rice pudding, and more. Cooks in about 30 minutes. 

Ingredients: organic brown rice.

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Lotus Foods
Richmond, CA
Lotus Foods is dedicated to innovative and sustainable production of rice, which is both the most water intensive commodity crop and a dietary staple consumed by over 4 billion people daily. By partnering with family farmers in South East Asia their More Crop Per Drop initiative aims to improve crop yields, while reducing the required labor and water to cultivate rice. In 2015 their proprietary System of Rice Intensification saved an estimated 528 million gallons of water while empowering the largely female workforce behind the world’s rice production to contribute more to their families and communities.Read more