Local Roots Kombucha

Purple Haze Hard Kombucha

6 count
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Purple Haze Hard Kombucha

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Six 12 fl oz cans, 6% ABV

Local Roots Purple Haze Hard Kombucha is a delightful beverage that brings together the perfect balance of blueberry and ginger flavors. With a refreshing and unique combination, this one-of-a-kind concoction offers an invigorating antioxidant boost that can be enjoyed at any time of day or night. Whether you're looking to unwind after a long day or simply crave a flavorful pick-me-up, Local Roots Purple Haze Hard Kombucha is the ideal companion. Sip it chilled on its own, or pair it with your favorite meal for a truly enjoyable experience.

Ingredients: Blueberry, Ginger, Passion Fruit, Raw Kombucha, Yeast

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About The Producer

Local Roots Kombucha
San Diego, CA
Local Roots Hard Kombucha is on a mission to create an authentic, bold, and best-tasting hard kombucha that not only benefits your gut but also gives back to the local community. Founded by cousins Ryan White and Joe Carmichael, Local Roots was born from their passion for health and wellness. With a commitment to quality and community, Local Roots brings people together through their flavorful and refreshing hard kombucha.Read more