Rancho Llano Seco

Mini Ham (Frozen)

3.25 lb
$16.92 / lb

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Mini Ham (Frozen)

Product Details

3.25-3.50 lbs, arrives frozen.
Llano Seco Meats transforms our pork and beef into artisanal salted and smoked products. Harkening back to a time when butchery was a craft and home food preservation was the norm, Llano Seco Products honor the traditions of the historic European and American kitchens of our ancestors. Our line of handcrafted value-added products compliment our primal and sub-primal pork and beef cuts, and alchemizes the deep flavor of our meat into ready-to-eat products. Smoked, salted, spiced, and uncured, meaning no nitrates or nitrates added, just pure meaty goodness.

Ingredients: Llano Seco pork, sea salt, sugar, celery powder, cherry powder, sodium carbonate, and flavorings.

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About The Producer

Rancho Llano Seco
Chico, California
Llano Seco Meats is the culmination of our mission to provide a variety of products while caring for the people, the animals and the land. We offer pork and pastured raised beef raised in Chico, CA. We also grow and sell heirloom beans and ancient grains.Read more