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Organic Dry-Farmed Kennebec Potatoes

1 lb
$4.99 / lb

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Organic Dry-Farmed Kennebec Potatoes

Product Details

Approx. 3-5 potatoes per lb
These white-fleshed, dense potatoes are very popular in the restaurant world for classic potato creations like scalloped potatoes, steak fries, and hasselback potatoes. They are thin skinned, hold their shape really well when cooked, and have a slightly nutty flavor that goes with everything. 

Little Organic Farm's potatoes  are slightly-soft to the touch but fear not: they are delicious! Their soft texture means that they will cook faster than typical potatoes and are creamier in texture and richer in flavor due to a higher starch (and lower sugar) content than potatoes stored in a refrigerator.

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About The Producer

Little Organic Farm
Little Organic Farms, owned and operated by David Little, is a third generation Marin resident originally from San Anselmo. He fell in love with farming and the countryside and started looking for ways to support his family on the ranch there and started farming potatoes in 1995. He chose potatoes because the land around Tomales was historically used to farm potatoes and was well suited to the crop. David has since has success growing onions, tomatoes, strawberries, and other crops on the farm.Read more