Little Belgians

Large Saint Nick Speculoos Cookie

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Large Saint Nick Speculoos Cookie

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One 10" cookie, 3.1 oz
Little Belgians' speculoos cookies are crisp, crunchy, not too sweet and flavored with dark brown sugar and nine spices including cinnamon, cloves, pepper, and cardamom. This special holiday cookie is an image of Saint Nick, Santa’s European inspiration and Belgium’s most beloved holiday icon. Nick is the patron saint of generosity, and on the eve of Dec. 5 he's said to ride his horse over the rooftops and fill children’s shoes with toys and (of course!) extra large speculoos cookies. Now you can tuck Saint Nick into stockings yourself, or share while opening presents around the tree!

Ingredients: unbleached flour*, dark brown sugar*, unsalted butter* (sweet cream, culture), eggs*, spices*, baking soda, salt (*organic).
Contains: milk, egg, wheat.

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Little Belgians
little belgians is an artisanal cookie company in Georgia. We make speculoos, arguably the most popular cookie in our native Belgium.Read more