Little Apple Treats

Triple Citrus Shrub

375 ml
Triple Citrus Shrub

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375 mL

Little Apple Treat's Cider Vinegar Shrubs are versatile and offered in a variety of flavors. Combining blood oranges, tangerines, and meyer lemon, this shrub has a beautiful sunset orange color. Sweet and tart, use this shrub in salads, marinades, or cocktails. It can also be mixed with sparkling water or sparkling wine for a citrusy, summer drink.

Ingredients: apple cider vinegar, organic sugar, blood oranges, tangerines, and meyer lemons.

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Little Apple Treats
Hi! We're Dan and Joanne. Along with our own apples, we use the best ingredients we can find - local, organic walnuts and almonds from the Capay valley, organic olive oil from a third generation farm in Stockton, West Coast oats.Read more