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Little Apple Treats

Dark Chocolate Apple Granola Cookies

6 oz
$1.49 / oz
Dark Chocolate Apple Granola Cookies

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Joanne loves oatmeal cookies but hates raisins, so these have our special Cookie Granola (a blend of organic oats and organic quinoa flakes) and dried apples from our orchard. Rich chocolate from TCHO, our waterfront neighbor at the Ferry Plaza Farmers' Market, rounds it out, making this a perfect blend of chocolate chip and oatmeal (non) raisin cookies.

Cookie Granola (organic rolled oats, organic quinoa flakes, organic unrefined cane sugar, organic olive oil, vanilla), butter, organic pastry flour, organic unrefined cane sugar, organic chocolate, organic dried apples, vanilla, baking soda, salt.

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Little Apple Treats
Hi! We're Dan and Joanne. Along with our own apples, we use the best ingredients we can find - local, organic walnuts and almonds from the Capay valley, organic olive oil from a third generation farm in Stockton, West Coast oats.Read more