Liquid Death

Sparkling Mountain Water

19.2 fl oz
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Sparkling Mountain Water

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One 16.9 fl oz can

Liquid Death Sparkling Mountain Water is more than just your ordinary bottled water – it looks like a beer, and it's actually carbonated like one too. With slightly less carbonation, it becomes less bitter and more thirst-quenching than many other sparkling waters. Sourced from 100% mountain water, nestled beneath hundreds of feet of stone, it comes with natural minerals and electrolytes. Plus, it's all conveniently packaged in infinitely recyclable aluminum cans, making it a sustainable choice for hydration.

Ingredients: 100% Stone-Cold Mountain Water

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Liquid Death
Los Angeles, CA
Liquid Death is a refreshingly irreverent beverage company on a mission to make people laugh and encourage them to drink more healthy beverages while combating plastic pollution. Their unique approach to marketing and their commitment to sustainability sets them apart in the beverage industry.Read more