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Liquid Death

Convicted Melon Sparkling Water

19.2 fl oz
Convicted Melon Sparkling Water

Product Details

Liquid Death Convicted Melon Sparkling Water is a refreshing and exhilarating beverage that blends the crispness of sparkling water with the sweet, juicy flavor of natural melon. Perfect for hydration with a fruity twist, this drink contains no sugars, calories, or artificial additives. Packaged in a distinctive, recyclable aluminum can, Liquid Death Convicted Melon Sparkling Water offers a delicious and eco-friendly way to enjoy a bubbly melon refreshment.

Ingredients: Carbonated mountain water, natural melon flavor, citric acid.

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About The Producer

Liquid Death
Los Angeles, CA
Liquid Death is a refreshingly irreverent beverage company on a mission to make people laugh and encourage them to drink more healthy beverages while combating plastic pollution. Their unique approach to marketing and their commitment to sustainability sets them apart in the beverage industry.Read more