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Lady Falcon Coffee Club

Queen of the Beach Seasonal Espresso

10.1 oz
$23.74 / lb
Queen of the Beach Seasonal Espresso

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10.10 oz
This locally-roasted coffee is fresh as could be! Lady Falcon Coffee Club picks a seasonal blend of two African varietals and one Central American for this rich espresso. Right now, they're using Rwandan, Burundian, and Guatemalan beans. The Queen of the Beach Seasonal Espresso blend has flavors of clementines, cookie butter, and Fuji apples.

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Lady Falcon Coffee Club
San Francisco, CA
Lady Falcon Coffee is handcrafted the old-fashioned way in their own unique style, harnessing their own spirit of originality inspired by the women of the Falcon Ladies' Bicycling Club in the 1880s, who helped create a new kind of neighborhood on Judah Street in San Francisco.Read more